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Heiner Goebbels

 b. 1952Heiner Goebbels



Heiner Goebbels is represented in North America by Boosey & Hawkes, New York. His primary publisher is Ricordi Berlin, part of Universal Music Publishing Group. For more information, please contact:

G. Ricordi & Co. Bühnen- und Musikverlag GmbH
part of Universal Music Publishing Classical
Stralauer Allee 1
D-10245 Berlin
Tel. +49 (0) 30 52007-1323

* Uses myriad genres and forms from theatre, film, ballet music, radio plays, and experimental music theatre. * Often uses patterns from popular music combined with avant-garde techniques * Co-founded the “So-Called Left-Radical Wind Orchestra” in 1976 and the experimental rock group Cassiber in 1982 * Well-known as an innovative creator and director of music theater. * Composes in close collaboration with writers and musicians. * Frequent collaborations with Ensemble Modern * Works are literate and intelligent. * Several recordings issued on the ECM label.

Works by Heiner Goebbels include:
Surrogate Cities (1993/94) for mezzo, speaker, sampler and large orchestra
Black on White (1995-96) music theater for 18 musicians
Songs of Wars I Have Seen (2007) for one or two chamber orchestra

"Heiner Goebbels' Black On White is a defining achievement in contemporary music, one of those rare works that reorders our perception of what music theatre is and what it can be."
--The Guardian

“As composer I am at the moment much more inspired by films, by the technique of film, the flashbacks, the ways of telling stories, the effect of films, of the editing process, than by modern music. And I always wish that composers would work more like film makers, that they'd know exactly what they wanted to say, and on their way there, to try and think about the means they are using to achieve it."
--Heiner Goebbels

"It [Surrogate Citites] turns the symphony orchestra on its head . . . . It gave one listener a first sense of what it must have been like to hear a Mahler symphony a century ago, with the whole notion of sonic possibility expanded at a stroke."
--The New York Times

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