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Offenbach - KeckLe Roi Carotte (OEK critical edition) (1871-72)
Opéra-bouffe-féerie in 4 acts

Music Text      Deutsch
Libretto by Victorien Sardou (F)

2S,2M,2T; minor roles; mixed chorus; 2(II=picc).2.2.2-
Abbreviations (PDF).

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World Premiere
Théâtre de la Gaîté, Paris
Zulma Bouffar, Anna Judic, Seveste, Masset, Aurèle, Vicini

World premiere of version
Opéra, Lyon
Laurent Pelly, director / Opéra de Lyon / Victor Aviat

Press Quotes  
"Roi Carotte is a clear step in the direction of Tales of Hoffmann… a valuable Offenbach work has been reclaimed for the theatre in Lyon. It was greeted by thunderous applause and huge enthusiasm."
Deutsche Bühne

"A masterpiece – the word is no exaggeration – as Offenbach’s imagination here reaches for the summit, constantly renewing itself through eleven tableaux to suit the numerous choruses and ensembles swept up in the epic spirit, from the apocalyptic eruption of Vesuvius, a hilarious ode to the railway, or a shiny parade of ants, to the scene at the barricades that may recall the horrors of the Commune… The production is a celebration always supported by humour, perfectly timed, leading up to the appearance of a giant food mill. You can imagine how King Carrot ends up – as purée – what a triumph."

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