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Glanert, Detlev: Aufbruch (Departure) op. 11 (1986) 13'
for orchestra


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World Premiere

Musikhalle, Hamburg
Landesjugendorchester Hamburg / Marius Bazu

Programme Note


The word Aufbruch relates to the beginning of a journey and to the beginning of life. It also has destructive connotations, the idea of breaking or forching something open in order to reach what one wants, the desire for something unknown, the desire to travel, the beginnings of a liberation from the old way of life, a passionate longing for distant things. The starting point of the piece consists of two "thirds" – one minor and one major – and the change from one to the other provides the building materials for the work. The music contains none of the familiar forms, but approaches most closely the permanent variation. By way of widely different styles of music, e. g. a Presto, a stark Adagio, flickering harmonic sequences, we reach the end, the final bend, which in a gently flowing tempo repeats the beginning: as a minor chord and a chord which combines the two. It cannot be ignored that this is an indication of the end of "old" music! Aufbruch was written for the Hamburg Youth Orchestra.
Thomas Tangler

Press Quotes


"Glanert’s progressive style is brimming over with eruptive and lyrical ideas, while the structure of the skilfully orchestrated piece unfolds organically. Enthusiastic cheers from the audience." (z.r., Hamburger Abendblatt, 16 Jun 1986)

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