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Vivier, ClaudeKopernikus (1978-79) 70'
Opera in 2 acts, for 7 singers, 7 (or 8) players and tape

Music Text      Deutsch
Libretto by Claude Vivier (F-imaginary language)

singers: 2S,M,A,T,Bar,B
players: 0.1.2.bcl.0- by singers):Balinese gong/3 japonese gongs/BD/t-tam(lg)/crot/ant.cyms/t.bells/Cardboard tubes/glock

This work requires additional technological components and/or amplification.
Abbreviations (PDF).

This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the world.

For full details on this stagework, including synopsis and roles, please visit our Opera section.

World Premiere
Théâtre du Monument National, Montréal, QC
l'Atelier de jeu scénique de la Faculté de Musique de l'Université de Montréal / Lorraine Vaillancourt

Composer's Notes      Deutsch    Français
The main character is Agni; mystical beings borrowed from stories (represented by the other six singers) gravitate around her: Lewis Carroll, Merlin, a witch, the Queen of the Night, a blind prophet, an old monk, Tristan and Isolde, Mozart, the Master of the Waters, Copernicus and his mother. These characters could be Agni’s dreams that follow her during her initiation and finally into her dematerialization.

— Claude Vivier

Reproduction Rights:
This program note may be reproduced free of charge in concert programs with a credit to the composer.

Recommended Recording
Opera Factory Freiburg / Holst-Sinfonietta / Klaus Simon
bastille musique bm001

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