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Shostakovich, DmitriThe Gadfly - Suite op. 97a (1955) 40'
compiled by Levon Atovmyan from music for the film by Alexander Faintsimmer

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This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the UK, countries of the Commonwealth (excluding Canada) and the Republic of Ireland.

World Premiere
Leningrad TV
Alexander Faintzimmer, director / Lenfilm

Repertoire Note  
1.Overture  2.Contredanse  3.People's Holiday  4.Interlude  5.Barrel Organ  6.Galop  7.Prelude  8.Romance  9.Intermezzo  10.Nocturne  11.Scena  12.Finale

Accompanied by one of Shostakovich’s most popular and accessible film-scores, The Gadfly was a highly successful film inside the Soviet Union in its day, a sugary and entertaining costume drama based on a once very popular historical novel by the English writer Ethel Voynich, like a cross between ‘The Three Musketeers’ and ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’. The hero is a swashbuckling revolutionary in Risorgimento Italy and the 1830s/1840s Italian setting gives the composer a chance for delicious pastiches in the style of Bellini and Verdi, as well as pseudo-Neapolitan songs and folk-tunes. Most famous are the catchy Galop and the syrupy Romance, which have been recycled many times in TV shows and advertisements and will quickly appeal to those who prefer their music on the lighter side.

Note by Gerard McBurney

Recommended Recording
Philadelphia Orchestra, cond. Riccardo Chailly
Decca 4525972

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