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Kats-Chernin, ElenaFive Chapters (2014) 20'
for saxophone quartet and orchestra

Abbreviations (PDF).

This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the world.

World Premiere
Salle Métropole, Lausanne
Raschèr Saxophone Quartet / Sinfonietta de Lausanne / Alexander Mayer

Composer's Notes  
The Five Chapters present a personal account of momentary events.
They diverge in outlook and direction but are intertwined through melodic ties and elastic material.

Chapter 1 begins with solo soprano saxophone introducing the first theme of the movement. As all the instruments combine, the motives fluctuate between enigma and urgency , often irregular and sometimes impatient. The four saxophones unite at the apex to restate the initial melody. There is always a sense  of pulsing movement and gathering intensity.

Chapter 2 commences with a steady flow of time passing in pizzicato strings. The saxophones take up the lyrical line - first one soloist, then another.
The motion increases and shapes towards a larger emotional surrounding. Layers are added and taken away, each representing a part of a story.

Chapter 3 is characterised by chatter, gatherings and activity. The divided forces blend as one sound machine. The music streams ahead, accented and speckled, velocity always on its mind.

Chapter 4 is the most sparse of the five. It suggests a frozen riddle entangled in a network of secrets.
It features the use of a single chord for an extended period. A solitary melody is allowed to enter, shifting the elements further.

In Chapter 5 the four saxophones join forces in vigorous and spiralling material.  The movement is punctuated by angular syncopation and flickering solo flashes amidst a strong beat and motoric sentiment. Cells weave in and around the pulse whilst short cadenza-like bursts add fuel to the swift momentum.

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