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Stravinsky, Igor: Duo concertant (1932) 16'
for violin and piano


This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the world.

Repertoire Note

Stravinsky: "For many years I had taken no pleasure in the blend of strings struck in the piano with strings set in vibration with the bow. In order to reconcile myself to this instrumental combination I was compelled to turn to the minimum of instruments, that is to say, only two, in which I saw the possibility of solving the instrumental and acoustic problem." The Duo concertant music strives for a "lyricism with rules" in the spirit of "the pastoral poets of antiquity and their scholarly art and technique." The five movements range from an extensive Jig, all racing triplets, to the grave concluding Dithyrambe, in which a soaring violin cantilena is grounded by piano chords spanning four octaves and more.

Reproduction Rights
This programme note can be reproduced free of charge in concert programmes with a credit to Boosey & Hawkes/Joseph Horowitz.

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