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ter Schiphorst, Iris: Aus Kindertagen: verloren (From Childhood Days: Lost) (2004/05) 22'
for 2 instrumental ensembles, electric guitar and performance CDs

Music Text


Iris ter Schiphorst and quotations from the novel 'Emilia gerät in die Kriegswirren oder O der neue Tag' by Karin Spielhofer (G)


left side of room: prepared pft(=sampler)-vln.vlc; right side: 2vln.vla.vlc-elec.git

Abbreviations (PDF)


This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the world.

World Premiere

DLF Sendesaal, Köln
Anton Lukoszevieze, vlc / Gordon MacKay, vln / Christoph Grund, pft // Ensemble 01 / Daniel Göritz,

Press Quotes


“It was left to the fourth composer, Iris ter Schiphorst, to set things straight and redeem the ideal of advanced, demanding musical composition with a brilliant new work. Commissioned by the radio station Deutschlandfunk, the premiere was the climax of the ‘Forum of New Music 2005’. Concrete instrumental sounds were amplified throughout, enriched and ‘charged’ by sampled recordings… In Aus Kindertagen: verloren (From Childhood Days: Lost), a highly-organised ensemble setting is interspersed with children’s rhymes and quotes from novels… a technique the composer also employed in other works… The bottom line is that this portrait concert came as a godsend for the ‘Forum of New Music 2005’. (Georg Beck, neue musikzeitung 4/2005)

“The biggest sensation was no doubt the Berlin-based composer Iris ter Schiphorst. Her rich soundscapes are made up of an original mixture of noisy sounds (with the instruments amplified electronically) on the one hand and highly expressive musical narration on the other. Commissioned by Deutschlandfunk, Aus Kindertagen: verloren enthralled the audience with its coherence and the original use of the electric guitar …” (Bonner General-Anzeiger, 9 March 2005)

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