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Bernstein, LeonardWonderful Town - Selections for concert performance (1953)
for voices and orchestra

Music Text  
Book by Joseph Fields and Jerome Chodorov; Lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green (E)

Reed I(=fl,Ebcl,Bbcl,asax).Reed II(=Bbcl,bcl,asax,barsax).Reed III(=ob,corA,Bbcl,tsax).Reed IV(picc,fl,Bbcl,tsax).Reed V(Bbcl,asax,bsax,bn)- drums/tam-t/2wdbl/xyl/cowbell/glsp/alarm clock-pft(=cel(opt))-strings

Up to 3 songs and 1 instrumental number are permitted for concert performance. No choreography or staging is permitted in concert performance. Selections may be made from the following numbers: Act I: 1. Overture, 2. Christopher Street, 3. Ohio, 4. Conquering New York, 5. One Hundred Easy Ways to Lose a Man, 6. What a waste, 7. Ruth’s Stories, 8. A Little Bit in Love, 9. Pass the Football, 10. Conversation Piece, 11. A Quiet Girl, 12. Conga; Act II: 13. Entr’acte, 14. My Darlin’ Eileen, 15. Swing, 16. Ohio (Reprise), 17. It’s Love, 18. Ballet at the Village Vortex, 19. Wrong Note Rag, 19a. It’s Love (Reprise).
Abbreviations (PDF).

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