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Simpson, Mark: Un Regalo (2014) 8'
for solo cello


This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the world.

World Premiere

Leicester International Music Festival, Leicester
Guy Johnston, cello / Leicester International Music Festival

Composer's Notes

This piece was written to celebrate the 300th birthday of Guy Johnston’s David Techler cello. The title is Italian for ‘gift’. I wanted to showcase not just Guy’s brilliant musicianship but also the innate understanding he has of the instrument he plays and its qualities. The fantastic resonance of the instrument is what inspired the opening gesture, with the two lowest open strings dictating the opening chord, harmony and shape of the work.

The piece is in four sections. The first showcases lyrical extremes of the instruments, while the second is a relentless tarantella-like music with erratic outbursts leading to a third, broader expressive music where intense melodic gestures meld, shift, and fall upon each other. The last section is a quiet, distant recap of the opening which fades to nothing.

Un Regalo is dedicated to Guy Johnston.

© 2016 Mark Simpson

Recommended Recording

Guy Johnson
NMC D225

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