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Holloway, Robin: First Concerto for Orchestra op. 8 (1966-69) 40'


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Repertoire Note

The only occasions on which any of this early work has been heard were at a public rehearsal organised by the SPNM in 1971 when the London Symphony Orchestra, under Myer Fredman, played the first two movements and a broadcast of the complete work by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra two years later. The First Concerto for Orchestra is cast in three movements: two relatively short, marked Allegro feroce and Adagio, preceding a large-scale multi-faceted finale. For many years, the concerto was the prodigal son of Holloway’s output, but a few years ago, it was welcomed back into the fold and the composer undertook some substantial revisions to make the work both more accessible and performable. Although each of the five concertos for orchestra is formally different, spread as they are throughout Holloway’s composing career, each is characterised by its orchestral virtuosity.

Repertoire Note by Peter Marchbank

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