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Andriessen, LouisTapdance (2013) 15'
Concerto for percussion and large ensemble

Solo percussion: tap table/marimba/timpanum

2.2.ssax(=tsax).asax.0.bcl.dbcl.0- dr/BD/drum kit-harp-pft-bgtr-strings(max:, min:
Abbreviations (PDF).

This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the world.

World Premiere
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
Colin Currie, percussion / Asko|Schönberg / Reinbert de Leeuw

Press Quotes  
"Colin Currie enters the stage without physical dance pyrotechnics but suggests tap sounds with sticks and thimbles on a wooden plank. The element of dance is important but is only a thin covering to mask the nearby looming descent… The work concludes with slow, calamitous sounding timpanum strokes and a brief reference to the big band era when tap dancers were in vogue. The end is as lonely as a life that ceases to exist."
De Volksrant

"… an eerie recollection of the slow jazz-blues movement…In the finale, Andriessen is at his mind-boggling best with strong colours from the saxophone section and the irrepressible bass guitar and piano combination. Its tight, almost merciless tirade gradually gives way to a melting, Romantic Mahleresque episode which is something totally new in Andriessen’s compositional style."
Het Parool

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