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Bazelon, Irwin: Propulsions Concerto for Percussion Ensemble

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Score Details

Title: Propulsions
Composer: Bazelon, Irwin
Duration: 18'
Composition Date: 1974
Publisher: B&H Inc
Instrumentation: percussion ensemble
Description: Concerto for Percussion Ensemble
Scoring: perc(7): xyl (optional)/marimba/vib/chimes/tgl/large cowbell/wdbl (picc and regular)/bell tree/susp.cym/anvil/metal plate (large)/japanese wood chimes/chin.cym/maracas/SD(picc and reg); java hat gong/japanese cup gongs/ japanese bowl gongs/ silver bells/finger cyms/ship's bell/tgl/bell tree/anvil(on steel)/metal plate/claves/scratcher/cowbell(large)/susp.cym/african thumb piano/wdbl(picc)/african log drums/ talking dr/SD(picc and reg)/tom-t/chimes; indian tabla dr/bongos/timbales/BD/philippine shell chimes/japanese wood chimes/scratcher/finger cym/cym/chimes; tgl/susp.cym/cowbell(large)wdbl(picc and reg)/metal plate in water/5temple blocks/bongos/timbales/african log dr/SD(picc and reg)/chinese dr/tom-t(high and bass)/TD/BD; tgl/susp.cym/bell tree/cowbell/african rattle/claves/maracas/scratcher/african log dr/wdbl/temple blocks/anvil/metal plate/tuned bells/java hat gong/ship's bell/gongs/BD/tam-t; susp.cym/finger cym/african rattle/maracas/silver bell/philippine shell chimes/bass slide whistle/cricket-clickers/metal plate/wdbl/SD/african talking dr/african log dr/tom-t/BD/4timp; african rattle/claves/wdbl/anvil/bongos/timbales/temple blocks/conga dr/cuica/metal plate/tam-t
Abbreviations (PDF)
Territory: This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the world
Rental: Propulsions
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