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Chin, UnsukAlice in Wonderland (2004-2007) 120'
Category: opera 
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3S,M,CT,2T,2B; chorus between 40-60 singers; additional children's chorus with a minimum of 20;
3(II=picc,III=picc,afl).2(II=corA).3(II=Ebcl,III=bcl).2(II=dbn)- marimbaphone/xyl/vib/vibraslap/cencerros/4tgl/8susp.cym(3sm,3med,2lg)/3tam-t(sm,med,lg)/ and sandpaper(fine,med,coarse)/3tom-t/3tamb(2sm)/3maracas/4pea-whistle/bird-whistle/ wine glass/2, low)/alarm clock/6SD/crot/plate bells(A,E,F)/4chromonica(Bb,C,D,E)/finger cyms/3sistrum/2cyms(1sm)/BD/8pop-bottles(different sizes)/ratchet(sm)/3whip/wood wind chime/bell tree/2metal grille(sm,med)/2Javanese gongs(Bb,C)/siren/flexatone/wind machine/anvil/timbales(sm)/Brazilian bamboo shaker/2trash-cans/20wine glasses/15forks/13spoons/5sm metal casseroles/3metal rattles/5thin metal sticks/auto-horn/t.bells/2chimes(v.low pitch)/2thunder sheets(sm,lg)/4bongos/swanee flute/glass wind chimes/lion's roar/harmonica-harp-pft(=cel,hpd)-acc-mandolin-sampler-strings(;
On-stage: bcl; Offstage: perc(4): cyms/SD(sm)/1trash-can/3metal casseroles/thunder sheet

Reduced orchestration (by Lloyd Moore): 3S,M,CT,2T,2B; chorus; additional children's chorus
2(I=picc,II=picc,afl,swanee fl).2(II-corA).2(II-Ebcl,bcl).2(II=dbn)- block/guiro/cast/alarm clock/4SD/BD/finger cyms/cyms/whip/bell tree/siren/flexatone/metal rattle/auto-horn/t.bells/2chimes/4bongo/trash cans/kitchenalia-harp.mand.pft(=cel,hpd)-sampler-strings(min:; double basses with 5 strings required); On-stage: bcl, (trash cans with kitchenalia may be used onstage for theatrical effect)..
Abbreviations (PDF).

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