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Karl Jenkins

The Healer: Sozo (2013)

Plays: 4980

A Cantata for St Luke
for SATB chorus, soprano and baritone soloists and ensemble
V. Sozo [Healing. Salvation] (opening)
Duration: 01 mins 58 secs
Lucy Knight/Håkan Vramsmo/
Excelsis/Marylebone Camerata/Karl Jenkins
(p) and © 2015 Parlophone Records Ltd, a Warner Music Group Company
Warner Classics 0825646100514
within an 8CD box set of Karl Jenkins's music

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Text heard on Sample:

Luke wrote these words of a man full of demons
Who lived in the tombs, bound in chains.
Fettered and naked, he watched Jesus come to him
Wanting to rid him of pain.
   Jesus commanded the demons to leave,
   Leave the poor man at his feet.
   "Please don't torment me," the man cried in shame.
   "Jesus, my soul is unclean."
Seized by his demons, he broke from his shackles,
The devil controlling his life.
Sent to the wilderness, Jesus pursuing him,
Wanting to help him survive.
   There on this mountain some swine stopped to feed,
   Cared for by men looking on.
   Jesus commanded the demons to go
   Into the herd from the man...

Parable of man and demons, by Carol Barratt

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