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- New Imperial Edition - contralto
description: CD

PublisherBoosey & Hawkes (New York)
SeriesImperial Song Edition
Availability: Stock Title
Level of Difficulty:Intermediate
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A Night in May (Die Mainacht) (Brahms)
Adieu (Addio) (Mozart)
As a sunbeam at morn (Come raggio di sol) (Caldara)
Author of all my joys (O del mio dolce ardor) (Gluck)
Cradle Song (Bei der Wiege) (Mendelssohn)
Dearest Consort (Cara Sposa) (Handel)
Death and the Maiden (Der Tod und das Madchen) (Schubert)
Dewy Violets (Le Violette) (Scarlatti)
Hark! what I tell to thee (Haydn)
How changed the vision (Handel)
How few the joys (Rachmaninoff)
Life any foolish moth I fly (Qual farfalletta Amante) (Scarlatti)
Litany (Litanei) (Schubert)
Love Triumphant (Von ewiger Liebe) (Brahms)
Mignon's Song (Mignons Lied) (Liszt)
My soul is dark (Mein Herz ist schwer) (Schumann)
Nay thought my heart should break (Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt) (Tschaikowsky)
O can ye sew cushions (Britten)
O, my deir hert (Cradle Song) (Howells)
Oft have I sighed (Campian)
Sapphic Ode (Sapphische Ode) (Brahms)
Sea Wrack (Harty)
Serenade (Quand tu chantes) (Gounod)
The Enchantress (Hatton)
The Praise of God (Die Ehre Gottes aus der Natur) (Beethoven)
The Willow Song (Sullivan)
To Music (An die Musik) (Schubert)
Verdant Meadows (Verdi Prati) (Handel)
Where Corals Lie (From "Sea Pictures") (Elgar)
With a swanlike beauty gliding (Quando miro quel bel ciglio) (Mozart)

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