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description: Violin, Piano

PublisherBoosey & Hawkes (London)
SeriesFiddler Collections
Availability: Out of Print
Level of Difficulty:Intermediate
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Traditional fiddle music from England, Ireland and Scotland. A flexible format and extra optional parts makes these ideal for solos, duets, or a larger folk band. The Complete edition includes a violin part, keyboard accompaniment with optional violin accompaniment, easy violin and guitar.


Brochan Lom (Trad Scottish Strathspey)
Carolan's Air (Trad Irish Air)
Constant Billy (Trad English Morris Dance)
Country Gardens (Trad English Morris Dance)
Danny Boy (Trad Irish Air)
Drowsy Maggie (Trad Irish Reel)
Early Grey (Trad Scottish Strathspey)
Harvest Home (Trad Irish Hornpipe)
Hunting the Hare (Trad English Jig)
King of the Fairies (Trad English Hornpipe)
Lord MacDonald's Reel (Trad Scottish Reel)
Mary, Young and Fair (Trad Scotttish Air)
Miss Sally Hunter of Thurston (Trad Scottish Jig)
Morpeth Rant (Trad English Hornpipe)
Mrs Jamieson's Favourite (Trad Scottish Air)
Red-Haired Boy (Trad English Hornpipe)
The Bonnie Lass o'Fyvie (Trad Scottish Bothy Ballad)
The Bridal (Trad Irish Jig)
The Fairy Dance (Trad English Reel)
The Flowers of Edinburgh (Trad Scottish Reel)
The Fox Hunter's Jig (Trad Irish Slip Jig)
The Gay Gordons (Trad Scottish Jig)
The Girl I Left Behind Me (Trad English March)
The Keel Row (Trad English Hornpipe)
The Mason's Apron (Trad Irish Reel)
The Peeler's Away with my Daughter (Trad Irish Jig)
The Spey in Spate (Trad Scottish Reel)
The Staffordshire Hornpipe (Trad English Hornpipe)
The Trumpet Hornpipe (Trad English Hornpip)
The Wind that Shakes the Barley (Trad Irish Reel)

Press Reviews

"The presentation is excellent and the accompaniments satisfying. Some of the tunes (which can all be played in first position) are old favourites..."
Music Teacher, February 1993

"Traditional fiddle music, clearly set out and well-presented with interesting illustrations, these are fun pieces in simple keys, good for the development of nimble left hand and right hand with some delightful Scotch Snaps in the Strathspeys."
E.S.T.A., Winter 1992

"Irresistable fun"
Cambridge University Press, 1993


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