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Chapela, Enrico - Ínguesu
description: Study Score (paperback)

PublisherBote & Bock
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Enrico Chapela (*1974), one of the most fascinating young talents of contemporary music from Latin America, confronts and amalgamates in his works avant-garde techniques with influences from jazz and rock music as well as from the Latin American tradition. ‘Ínguesu’, performed for the first time in 2003, is his best known piece so far, using the battle cries of fans during the final match of the FIFA Confederations Cup 1999 between Mexico and Brazil as thematic and rhythmic material and translating it into a virtuoso rhythmic score exploding in colour. ‘Ínguesu’ has won several prizes, such as the first prize at the Alexander Zemlinsky International Composition Competition, and was performed by the
Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas on their North American tour.

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