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Bernstein, Leonard - West Side Story - study score
description: Study Score (hardback) - Hawkes Pocket Score 1176

PublisherBoosey & Hawkes (New York)
SeriesHawkes Pocket Scores
Availability: Stock Title
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Customer Reviews

"This is a truly remarkable product! Leonard Bernstein's masterpiece, West Side Story, is finally available to the public in full score. The first Broadway musical to be published so. It is printed in a lovely hard/clothbound volume, in large format, easy to read, and ample room for notes. The score is very neatly produced; crisp and define. This is truly one of the greatest breakthroughs in the history of published print music. More film and Broadway scores should be treated to this kind of care and devotion. I still get shivers, knowing that this is a full score edition. This is a 'must-have' for anyone and everyone who has either enjoyed Bernstein's music, or been a devout fan of the art of study scores. Seventy-five pounds? That's not too much to ask for this incredible volume, is it? You won't be disappointed!"
Rating: 5/5  28/05/2003

"A VERY nicely printed edition, however not definitive as the publisher claims. Bernstein only saw and approved the very first page before he died. The rest of it has many orchestrational changes, the biggest being the addition of a ton of extra percussion for two more players. What pit orchestra has 4 percussionists and a drummer? It is not at all based on the materials used in the recording made for DG. The materials used in the recording were the handwritten parts that all of us have used before this score was released. It's also a shame that the publisher has taken no responsibility in engraving orchestral parts to match this particular score. Music Theater International finally took it apon themselves to do it, but unfortunately their performance material is still substandard... there are many errors, and they have no concept of page turns for musicians. All parties involved (Jalni/Boosey, MTI, Bernstein Estate) should work together to make performance materials that match and are of high quality. This amazing show deserves it."
Rating: 4/5  03/10/2006

"This is title what we're waiting for! The greatest musical ever on hardback study score format! You will not be disappointed, when you purchase this score, this is excellent! This is truly authoritative score for all conductors, students and Bernstein fans. If you love West Side Story, buy this right now! Don't hesitate, BUY THIS RIGHT NOW!"
Rating: 5/5  30/09/2014

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Leonard Bernstein

American composer who combined classical and jazz in works like West Side Story and On the Town