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Cherubini, Luigi (Bock/Geyer (CHERUBINI-EDITION)) - Lo sposo di tre e marito di nessuna
description: (full score) Critical Edition

SeriesCherubini Edition
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Lo sposo di tre (1783) was a great success of the young Luigi Cherubini. The burlesque story of disguises and mistaken identities takes up the traditions of the Italian commedia dell’arte, with love-stricken elder gentlemen, a lawyer’s scene, etc. Cherubini wrote a sparkling array of effectively instrumented music pieces: entertaining, yet sometimes even deadly serious ensemble music, touching arias, virtuoso pieces, ballets and of course an ombra scene. The highlights are the great chain finales, particularly that of the first act which eventually leads all participants to madness with a delightful parody on thunderous organ sounds.

Editors: Elisabeth Bock & Helen Geyer
Librettist: Filippo Livigni


01 Critical Edition of Works
02 Introduction
03 Acknowledgement
04 Table of Musical Numbers
05 Instrumentation
06 List of Characters
07 Score
08 Libretto Transcription

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