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- New Imperial Edition - mezzo
description: CD

PublisherBoosey & Hawkes (New York)
SeriesImperial Song Edition
Availability: Stock Title
Level of Difficulty:Intermediate
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Alone in the Forest (Waldseligkeit) (Strauss)
Angels, Ever Bright and Fair (Handel)
Cradle Song (Wiegenlied) (Schubert)
Deep in My Heart (Bishop; arr. Rowley)
Dream Valley (Quilter)
Dryads, Sylvans (from "Time and Truth") (Handel)
Girls' Song (Howells)
Here amid the shady woods (Handel)
I attempt from love's sickness to fly (Purcell)
In a Strange Land (In de Fremde) (Taubert)
Know'st thou the land (Kennst du das Land) (Beethoven)
Let me linger near thee (Star Vicino) (Rosa)
Melmillo (Carey)
My mother bids me bind my hair (Haydn)
Now the dancing sunbeams play (The Mermaid's Song) (Haydn)
Nymphs and Shepherds (Purcell)
Orpheus and his lute (Sullivan)
Parting (Muss es eine Trennung) (Brahms)
Peace (Du bist die Ruh') (Schubert)
Slumber Song (Dors, mon enfant) (Wagner)
Somebody (Jemand) (Schumann)
Spring's Secret (Der Fruhling) (Brahms)
The Blacksmith (Der Schmied) (Brahms)
The Bride's Song (Lied der Braut) (Schumann)
The Undiscovered Country (L'ile inconnue) (Berlioz)
The Violet (Das Veilchen) (Mozart)
The Wild Rose (Heiden Roslein) (Schubert)
To the Children (Aux enfants) (Rachmaninoff)
When daisies pied (Arne)
Who ever thinks or hopes of love (Dowland)

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