Staff Contacts - Creative Services in New York - The Americas

Department: Creative Services

Department Description

Creative Services handles licensing and creative placement of our compositions for film, television, advertisements, video games, and alternative media.

Departmental Staff
Karen Macmillan
Vice President, US Creative Services (Ads)
Email to: Karen Macmillan
+1 (212) 699 6533
Kara Darling Kennedy
Director, Licensing
Email to: Kara Darling Kennedy
+1 (212) 699 6554
Brian Grushkin
Senior Manager, Creative Services (TV/Film)
Email to: Brian Grushkin
+1 (310) 775 8645
Stephanie Cupo
Licensing Manager
Email to: Stephanie Cupo
+1 (212) 699 6559
Isabel Arissó
Manager, Creative Services (Alternative Media)
Email to: Isabel Arissó
+1 (212) 699 6520
Grace Adeyemo
Coordinator, Creative Services
Email to: Grace Adeyemo
+1 (212) 699 6555
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