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    Links to sites dedicated to a particular composer

    The following links are available for your selected type. To visit the site click on the link below:

    Aa, Michel van der Michel van der Aa’s official website
    Adams online scores View online scores
    Adams, John John Adams's official website
    Bernstein at 100 Explore Leonard Bernstein's music for the 2018 Centennial
    Bernstein Online Scores View Bernstein online scores
    Bernstein, Leonard The official Leonard Bernstein website
    Borowski, Johannes Boris Johannes Boris Borowski’s official website
    Britten and Pears photographs Official website for Clive Strutt, photographer of Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears in the 1960s
    Britten-Pears Library The official website of the Britten-Pears Foundation
    Chapela, Enrico Enrico Chapela's official website
    Chemin-Petit, Hans The official website of composer Hans Chemin-Petit (1902-81)
    Christopher Norton Official website of composer and educator Christopher Norton, creator of the Microjazz series of publications.
    Copland Online Score View online scores
    Debussy Centenary Orchestrations of Debussy's music for the 2018 Centenary
    Delius Trust The official Delius website
    Deutsch, Bernd Richard Bernd Richard Deutsch's official website
    Einem Centenary Explore Gottfried von Einem's music for the 2018 Centenary
    Einem, Gottfried von The official Gottfried von Einem website
    Elgar Society The Elgar Society's website
    Finzi Trust Official website of the Finzi Trust and Finzi Friends
    Gál, Hans The official Hans Gál website
    Grosskopf, Erhard Official website of composer Erhard Grosskopf
    Haas, Pavel Website of the Pavel Haas Foundation
    Hatfield, Stephen Stephen Hatfield describes his works
    Höller, York York Höller's official website
    Horne, David Scots composer and pianist
    Hummel, Bertold The official Bertold Hummel website
    Jenkins, Karl Karl Jenkins's official website
    Jolivet, André Official website for French composer André Jolivet
    Keck, Jean-Christophe The official website of OEK editor, composer & conductor Jean-Christophe Keck
    Kelterborn, Rudolf Rudolf Kelterborn’s official website
    Koch-Raphael, Erwin Erwin Koch-Raphael's official website
    Laks, Simon Website of the Szymon Laks Foundation
    Lees, Benjamin The official website of American composer Benjamin Lees
    Machover, Tod Tod Machover's page on the MIT website
    Mackey, Steven Steve Mackey's official website
    Mamlok, Ursula Ursula Mamlok's official website
    Martinu Foundation (Prague) The official website of the Martinu Foundation in Prague
    Matthews, David The official David Matthews website
    Maxwell Davies, Peter Peter Maxwell Davies's official website. [Please note this site is currently unavailable and will be relaunched shortly.]
    Monk, Meredith The official website of American composer Meredith Monk
    Mower, Mike Website dedicated to publishing the sheet music of Mike Mower
    Neuwirth, Olga Olga Neuwirth's official website
    Nyman, Michael Official website of composer Michael Nyman, including the Michael Nyman Band and Michael Nyman Records
    Oehring, Helmut Helmut Oehring's official website
    Pflüger, Hans Georg The official Hans Georg Pflüger website
    Prokofiev Archive The home page of the Prokofiev Archive
    Prokofiev Foundation The official website of The Serge Prokofiev Foundation The official webpage
    Rao, Doreen The official website of choral composer and educator Doreen Rao
    Redel, Martin Martin Redel's official website
    Reich, Steve Steve Reich's official website
    Rorem, Ned Ned Rorem's official website
    Ruiz-Pipó, Antonio The official Antonio Ruiz-Pipó website
    Schultz, Wolfgang-Andreas Wolfgang-Andreas Schultz’s official website
    Scott, Cyril The official website of composer Cyril Scott
    Shostakovich Centre The website of the Shostakovich Centre in Paris
    Shostakovich UK Society Website of the UK Shostakovich Society
    Stephen Chatman Stephen Chatman official web site.
    Strauss, Richard Official website for the composer, run by the Strauss family
    Strauss, Richard The website
    Stravinsky, Igor Website of the Fondation Igor Stravinsky, based in Geneva (French/English)
    Szpilman, Wladyslaw Official website of Polish composer and pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman, subject of Roman Polanski's film The Pianist
    ter Schiphorst, Iris Iris ter Schiphorst’s official website
    Torke, Michael Official website of composer Michael Torke
    Valtinoni, Pierangelo Pierangelo Valtinoni's official website
    Waghalter, Ignatz The official Ignatz Waghalter website
    Yun Society The official website of the International Isang Yun Society
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