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Detlev Glanert on Detlev Glanert

Fuente: Boosey & Hawkes

This interview with Detlev Glanert, filmed at his home in Berlin, explores the musical thinking behind his operas and orchestral works.

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Steven Mackey on Steven Mackey

Fuente: Boosey & Hawkes

Steven Mackey discusses his life and works, focusing on watershed moments that have shaped him as a composer.

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Unsuk Chin on Unsuk Chin

Fuente: Boosey & Hawkes

This interview with Unsuk Chin, filmed at her home in Berlin, explores her musical development from her early life in Seoul to her recent compositions.

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Aram Khachaturian: an Introduction

Fuente: Boosey & Hawkes

In this new web documentary conductor Kirill Karabits and Russian music specialist Daniel Jaffé look beyond Khachaturian's Sabre Dance to discover his symphonies and concertos.

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Brett Dean on composing Socrates

Fuente: Berlin Phil Media

Brett Dean on composing his large-scale oratorio The Last Days of Socrates, a commission by Rundfunkchor Berlin

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Michel van der Aa on Sunken Garden

Fuente: English National Opera

Interview about Sunken Garden, Michel van der Aa's new film opera, premiered by English National Opera in April.

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Serenade (1954)

Compositor: Leonard Bernstein

Reproducciones: 23

Mysteriën (2013)

Compositor: Louis Andriessen

Reproducciones: 29

Epitaphs (2010) - 4th mvmt

Compositor: Brett Dean

Reproducciones: 35

String Quartet No.2 ("And once I played Ophelia") (2013) - 1st mvmt

Compositor: Brett Dean

Reproducciones: 38

Lullay, my liking (2014)

Compositor: Thomas Hewitt Jones

Reproducciones: 143