Baumgesänge (Tree Songs) (1992)

Kurt Schwertsik

Plays: 3604

Divertimento Macchiato (2007)

Kurt Schwertsik

Plays: 1845

Herr K entdeckt Amerika (2008)

Kurt Schwertsik

Plays: 1403

Nachtmusiken (2009)

Kurt Schwertsik

Plays: 3120

Schrumpf-Symphonie (1999)

Kurt Schwertsik

Plays: 2825

Kurt Schwertsik: Marimba Concerto

Source: Scottish Ensemble

Video podcast of Colin Currie rehearsing Kurt Schwertsik's marimba concerto Now you hear me, now you don't, premiered with the Scottish Ensemble in February 2009.

Views: 8313

Schwertsik on Schwertsik

Source: Boosey & Hawkes

This interview with Kurt Schwertsik, filmed in Vienna, explores his musical development, his shift from Darmstadt back to tonality and his music's unique blend of melancholy and humour.

Views: 4883

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