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Composer Title
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeOn a High Wire (Stepping Stones)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeOn the Wing (Waggon Wheels)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeOnce Upon a Time (Fast Forward)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeOom-pah Band (Stepping Stones)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgePaddle Steamer (Waggon Wheels)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeParty Piece (Stepping Stones)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgePenny-farthing (Waggon Wheels)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgePolka Dots (Waggon Wheels)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgePolly's Polka (Fast Forward)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeRoundabout (Stepping Stones)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeSea Horses (Stepping Stones)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeSee-saw (Stepping Stones)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeSingapore Sunset (Fast Forward)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeSnake Charmer (Fast Forward)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeSnakes and Ladders (Stepping Stones)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeSomething or Other! (Fast Forward)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeStepping Stones (Stepping Stones)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeStiffkey Blues (Shooting Stars)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeSummer Breeze (Waggon Wheels)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeSweet Dreams (Fast Forward)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeThe Ceilidh (Fast Forward)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeThe old oak tree (Shooting Stars)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeTwo By Two (Stepping Stones)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeUpstairs, downstairs (Waggon Wheels)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeWaggon Wheels (Waggon Wheels)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeWaltz (Stepping Stones)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeWaterfall (Waggon Wheels)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeWeeping Willow (Fast Forward)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeWestminster Abbey (Waggon Wheels)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeWhat's the Time? (Fast Forward)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeWindscreen Wipers (Waggon Wheels)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeWinter's Night (Fast Forward)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeWith an Upbeat (Waggon Wheels)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeWondering (Fast Forward)
Charles CollinsMary had a Little Blues
Dave ConnerA Season's Promise
Aaron CoplandAn Outdoor Overture 1938
Aaron CoplandAppalachian Spring Suite (excerpt 1)
Aaron CoplandAppalachian Spring Suite Excerpt 4
Aaron CoplandAppalachian Spring (1944)
Aaron CoplandAt the River (15 Recital Songs for English)
Aaron CoplandAt the River (15 Recital Songs in English for High Voice)
Aaron CoplandBilly the Kid (1938)
Aaron CoplandBoatmen's Dance (low voice)
Aaron CoplandBoatmen's Dance
Aaron CoplandFanfare Common Man
Aaron CoplandFanfare for the Common Man (1942)
Aaron CoplandHoe Down
Aaron CoplandMartin's Song
Aaron CoplandOld American Songs
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