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...said the shotgun to the head. (2003/04)

Thomas Kessler

Plays: 761

NGH WHT (2007)

Thomas Kessler

Plays: 3277

Utopia II (2010-11)

Thomas Kessler

Plays: 599

Featured Clips

Enrico Chapela: Magnetar

Source: JP Wart Concept

Views: 10308

Unsuk Chin à propos d'Unsuk Chin

Source: Boosey & Hawkes

Views: 819

Louis Andriessen: Anaïs Nin

Source: Nieuw Amsterdams Peil

Views: 10459

Steve Reich and Music for 18 Musicians

Source: London Sinfonietta

Views: 7184

The Gospel According to the Other Mary

Source: Los Angeles Philharmonic

Views: 8590

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