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Liebe der Danae: Symphonic Fragment (1940)

Richard Strauss

Reproducciones: 1681

Metamorphosen (1944-45)

Richard Strauss

Reproducciones: 2399

Rosenkavalier: First Waltz Sequence (1944)

Richard Strauss

Reproducciones: 3500

Rosenkavalier: Second Waltz Sequence (1934)

Richard Strauss

Reproducciones: 3837

Salome’s Dance (1905)

Richard Strauss

Reproducciones: 2027

Salome (1904-05)

Richard Strauss

Reproducciones: 2318

The Solitary One (Bass Songs)

Richard Strauss

Reproducciones: 2413

Three Hymns (1921)

Richard Strauss

Reproducciones: 1827

Die Frau Ohne Schatten at Netherlands Opera

Fuente: The Netherlands Opera

A sneak peek into the Netherlands Opera production of the Richard Strauss classic, Die Frau Ohne Schatten.

Vistas: 2837

Richard Strauss: Salome

Fuente: Opus Arte

David McVicar’s powerful 2008 production of Oscar Wilde’s bible-based drama takes the controversially disturbing film Salò as its visual reference, setting it in a debauched palace in Nazi Germany. Strauss’s ravishing and voluptuous score adds to the sexual alchemy conjured by an international cast led by Nadja Michael in the title role.

Vistas: 3659

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