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Da steht geschrieben (2010)

Mike Svoboda

Plays: 2630

Inner Antiphony (2009)

Mike Svoboda

Plays: 2924

Love Hurts - Carmen Remix (2003/10)

Mike Svoboda

Plays: 3621

Music for Piccolo: I. From Something Bigger (2008)

Mike Svoboda

Plays: 705

Music for Piccolo: II. Fibonacci Strata (Study No.5) (2015)

Mike Svoboda

Plays: 697

Music for Trombone and Brass Ensemble (2012)

Mike Svoboda

Plays: 2797

Music for Trombone and Orchestra (2010)

Mike Svoboda

Plays: 2599

Music for Trombone, Piano and Percussion (2011)

Mike Svoboda

Plays: 2854

Maestro Bastonellis Meisterwerk

Maestro Bastonellis Meisterwerk, from Mike Svoboda's opera Erwin, das Naturtalent, as performed by Anne-May Krüger with an instrumental ensemble under the baton of the composer.

Views: 299

Svoboda: Der unglaubliche Spotz

Source: Mike Svoboda

Excerpts from the production of Mike Svobodas's Der unglaubliche Spotz (The Incredible Spotz) at Young Opera Stuttgart 2008

Views: 1562

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