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Oehring, HelmutIm Dickicht der ZEICHEN (aus: du wo?) (2004) 30'
7ieben Szenen in Musik, in 6echs Bildern und 2wei Schlüssen

Music Text      Deutsch
Oehring and passages, some freely remembered, by Büchner, Fontane and Jabès (G)

deaf mute soloist (female), pantomime, solo elec. gtr, ensemble (mezzo-soprano, bass flute, perc, harp, pft).
Abbreviations (PDF).

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World Premiere
Städtische Bühnen, Kleines Haus, Münster
Christina Schönfeld, Matthias Hille, Jörg Wilkendorf / Ensemble WireWorks / directed by Helmut Oehring

Composer's Notes      Deutsch
Space as a living BEING
opening up and contracting
as a body, breathing, BeingAllLungs
a sacred PLACE
shining and murdering.
Being THE PLACE–Everything to everybody.
And Nothing.

Repertoire Note      Deutsch
Im Dickicht der ZEICHEN attempts to create a model of communication. Groups of musicians, scores, samples and loops faded into the live performance as well as human action are all combined on stage and in the performance space. Scenic, theatrical elements are generated as a response to sign language, through onomatopoetic verse, pantomime and lighting effects, as well as a technical texture made up of control data, produced in real time. All these elements, none of which is given priority over the others, form a unity that has a playful, dream-like quality which centres around the subject of space.

Recommended Recording
Ensemble Wire Works & Soloists / René Gulikers (KlangZeit Münster 2004)
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