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Este trabajo está disponible a través de Boosey & Hawkes for the world.

World Premiere
Peterborough, New Hampshire
Randall Wolfram / Monadnock Music / James Bolle
Notas del compositor

This little work was written around Easter 1984 and is dedicated to Judith Weir. It has three movements which play without a break. The first is mainly slowish (andante molto); its rather faster dance-like inner section provides the main themes for the scherzo second movement (vivace), whose two trio-episodes in turn provide the molto-theme that permeates the last movement. This is slower than the first (adagio non troppo) and linked to it in material and in mood, by connections that, general at first, become more and more explicit towards the close.
Robin Holloway

Reproduction Rights
This programme note can be reproduced free of charge in concert programmes with a credit to the composer

Nota del repertorio

<DIR=LTR align="left">This delightful work, lasting some 15 minutes, is dedicated to Judith Weir. While it is a three-movement concerto, it is not a typical one, inasmuch as its movements are slow-fast-slow. Its beautiful lyricism should appeal to all oboists who want to have an attractive twentieth century concerto in their repertoire.

Repertoire Note by Peter Marchbank

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