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David Del Tredici

Photo Credit: Susan Johann
b. 1937


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David Del Tredici came to prominence with a series of works based on Lewis Carroll's "Alice" books * From the predominately atonal Pop-Pourri (1968) and An Alice Symphony (1969), his language evolved to the lush romanticism of Child Alice (1977-81), and current works * Music blends surrealism and nostalgia in an instantly recognizable mixture * Is noted for his superlative writing for large orchestral forces * Was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1980 for In Memory of a Summer DayNominated for a 2007 Grammy Award in the category of "Best Contemporary Composition" for choral/orchestral work Paul Revere's Ride

Works by David Del Tredici include:
Final Alice (1974-75) for soprano (amplified), folk group and orchestra
Haddocks' Eyes (1985) for soprano (amplified) and ten instruments
Paul Revere's Ride (2005) for soprano, chorus and, orchestra
Looking Ahead: This season sees the world premiere of MONSTERS, a substantial new solo piano work in two independent parts. The premiere on March 27 at Columbia University's Casa Italiana will feature two pianists—Eric Moe and Rob Frankenberry—each performing one of the parts.
"I use a combination of sentiment and lushness mixed with violence and an unpredictable, almost maniacal quality. It was this combination of things that attracted me to 'Alice' in the first place." — David Del Tredici

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