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André Jolivet

Andre Jolivet Photo: Boosey & Hawkes
1905 - 1974


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André Jolivet had a lively interest in all the arts as a child – his mother was a musican, his father an artist * Undertook composition studies with classicist Paul Le Flem and iconoclast Edgard Varése who introduced him to the music of Schoenberg, Berg and Bartók * In 1936 formed the group Jeune France with his friends Olivier Messiaen, Daniel-Lesur and Yves Baudrier, aiming to rehumanise modern music away from abstraction * Early successes include the piano pieces Mana and Cinq Incantations for solo flute * After war combined composition with musical directorship of the Comédie Française (1945-59) * 1950s and 1960s dominated by series of virtuoso concertos * Output ranges from opera and ballet to orchestral and instrumental works * Compositions show particular interest in instruments with a special role in primitive musics, such as flute and percussion

Works by André Jolivet include:
Cinq Incantations (1936) for solo flute
Cello Concerto No.1 (1961-62)
Fanfares pour Britannicus (1946-61) for orchestra
"My art is dedicated to restoring music’s original ancient sense, as the magical and incantory expression of the religiosity of human communities" — André Jolivet
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