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Eugen d'Albert

Eugen d'Albert
1864 - 1932


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Eugen d'Albert was a celebrated pianist (pupil of Sullivan and Pauer in London, later a student in Liszt's masterclass) and a friend of numerous famous composers, artists and poets * Though born in Glasgow, he always considered himself German * He increasingly shifted his work from performing to composing, above of all songs (58 with piano accompaniment) and operas (21 composed between 1893 and 1932), though his worklist also contains two piano concertos and a symphony * Enjoyed early successes with the tragic one-act opera Kain (Cain), Tiefland (The Lowlands, one of the rare German verismo operas, though based on a Portuguese original) and Die Toten Augen (The Dead Eyes) * His operas display a Romantic variety of styles and have fascinated audiences through their immediate dramatic effects * Most of his later operas are comic, such as Flauto solo, an opera on the flautist king Frederick the Great

Works by Eugen d'Albert include:
Piano Concerto No.2 in E major op.12 (1893)
Tiefland (The Lowlands) (1901-1903) Opera
Die Toten Augen 
(The Dead Eyes) (1912-1913) Opera
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