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Hans Vogt

Hans Vogt
1911 - 1992


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During World War II, Hans Vogt was music director in Stralsund * After returning from captivity in Russia, he went to Mannheim where he was a professor of composition from 1951 to 1978 * After a reorientation in 1950, he wrote more than 60 works * Various influences of modernism, including Hindemith, Schoenberg and Bartók, but many of his works give evidence of his study with the post-Romantic teacher Georg Schumann, such as his Symphony in one movement 'dona nobis pacem' (1984) * The complexity of his works is shown in his combination of texts in different languages, the juxtaposition of the Old Testament and contemporary literature, the integration of the spatial dimension into the compositional structure, the confrontation of Protestant choral and cluster technique or the aleatoric alienation of the sonata form * A surprising element is the matter-of-fact sound of his works that corresponds to their formal conciseness

Works by Hans Vogt include:
Apréslude (1988) for mezzo soprano and orchestra
Concerto for violin and orchestra (1981)
Concerto for cello and orchestra (1968)
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