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Discover the life and works of our composers through text, image and sound. From familiar favourites to exciting new talent, the Boosey & Hawkes catalogue offers a wealth of music to explore.
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Aa, Michel van der (b. 1970)
Abel, Karl Friedrich (1723-1787)
Abendroth, Walter (1896-1973)
Acker, Dieter (1940-2006)
Adair, Yvonne
Adam, Adolphe (1803-1856)
Adams, John (b. 1947)
Adams , Stanley
Adams, Stephen
Adler, Samuel (b. 1928)
Adolph Brorson, Hans
Adolphe, Bruce
Agnew, Elaine
Aho, Kalevi (b. 1949)
Ahrens, Cora (b. 1891)
Akyol, Taner (b. 1977)
Albeniz, Isaac (1860-1909)
Albert, Stephen (1941-1992)
Albinoni, Tomaso (1671-1751)
Alexander, Christian
Alexander, Elizabeth
Alford, Kenneth (b. 1881)
Alfvén, Hugo (1872-1960)
Alizade, Akshin (b. 1937)
Ali-zade, Frangis (b. 1947)
Allanbrook, Douglas (1921-2003)
Allbright, Terence
Allitsen, Frances
Allsbrook, Nancy Boone
Almenraeder, Karl
Alschausky, Serafin (b. 1879)
Alsina, Carlos Roqué (b. 1941)
Alwyn, William (1905-1985)
Amadei, Amadeo
Amis, Kenneth (b. 1970)
Amundson, Steven
Ancliffe, Charles (1880-1952)
Anda, Geza (b. 1921)
Anders, Erich (1883-1955)
Anderson, Thomas Jefferson (b. 1928)
Andreae, Volkmar (1879-1962)
Andreas, Felix (1910-1979)
Andriessen, Louis (b. 1939)
Androzzo, Alma
Antes, J.
Antheil, George (1900-1959)
Antill, John (1904-1986)
Antognini, Ivo
Anunciacao, Luiz
Aphex Twin
Arapov, Boris (1905-1989)
Arban, Jean Baptiste (1825-1889)
Arch, Gwyn (b. 1931)
Arensky, Anton (1861-1906)
Argento, Dominick (b. 1927)
Arma, P
Armstrong, Kathy
Arne, Thomas (1710-1778)
Arnold, Malcolm (1921-2006)
Arriaga, Juan Crisóstomo de (1806-1826)
Arriola, José Rodriguez (1896-1954)
Artyomov, Alexander Grigori (b. 1920)
Artyomov, Vyacheslav (b. 1940)
Arutiunian, Alexander (1920-2012)
Asafiev, Boris (-1949)
Ashkenazy, Vladimir
Ashmore, Lawrence
Asioli, Bonifazio
Astvatsatrian, Levon (b. 1922)
Atwood, Josiah Kelley
Auber, Daniel François Esprit (1782-1871)
Aubert, Louis-Jacques (1720-1780)
Audran, Edmond (1842-1901)
Augé, Pierre
Augustinas, Vaclovas (b. 1959)
Avison, Charles (b. 1709)
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