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T Odom, Lawrence
Tacka, Philip/Houlahan, Micheál
Tallis, Thomas
Tamkin, David (1906-1978)
Tanenbaum, David
Taneyev, Sergei
Tarenghi, Mario
Tarnopolsky, Vladimir (b. 1955)
Tartini, Giuseppe (1692-1770)
Tate, Brian
Tate, P
Taubert, Karl Heinz
Taubert, Wilhelm
Taubmann, Otto
Tavares, Gustavo
Taylor, Billy
Taylor, Joseph Deems (1885-1966)
Taylor-Howell, S
Tchaikovsky, Alexander
Tchaikovsky, André
Tchaikovsky, Boris
Tchaikovsky, Peter (1840-1893)
Tcherepnin, Alexander (1899-1977)
Teggin, Maggie
Teike, Carl Albert Hermann (b. 1864)
Telemann, Georg Philipp (1681-1767)
Temple Savage, R
Temple-Savage, R
ter Schiphorst, Iris (b. 1956)
Terteryan, Alfred (-1994)
Tertis, Lionel (b. 1876)
Terwal, Franz
Tessarini, Carlo
Texidor, Jaime
Thärichen, Werner (1921-2008)
Theodorakis, Mikis (b. 1925)
Thibaud, Pierre (b. 1201)
Thiman, Eric
Thompson, Walter
Thomson, Virgil (1896-1989)
Threlfall, Robert
Thurston, Frederick (b. 1901)
Thurston, F/Frank, A
Tiessen, Heinz (b. 1887)
Tilley, Alexander
Tindley, Charles (b. 1851)
Tircuit & Hywel Davies, Heuwell
Tishchenko, Boris (b. 1939)
Todd, Will (b. 1970)
Tomlinson, Ernest
Toovey, Andrew (b. 1962)
Torke, Michael (b. 1961)
Tormis, Veljo (b. 1930)
Traetta, Tommaso (b. 1727)
Trantow, Herbert (1903-1993)
Travers, A
Treacher, Graham
Treseder, Gareth
Tricoire/Keck, Cyrille
Trimble, Joan (b. 1923)
Trumbore, Dale
Tsintsadze, Sulkhan
Tull, Fisher (1934-1994)
Turnage, Mark-Anthony (b. 1960)
Turnbull, K
Turrin, Joseph
Tyrell, HW
Tysh, Fred
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