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Unsuk Chin on Unsuk Chin

Source: Boosey & Hawkes

This interview with Unsuk Chin, filmed at her home in Berlin, explores her musical development from her early life in Seoul to her recent compositions.

Views: 3647

Unsuk Chin: Alice in Wonderland

Source: Unitel

Based on Lewis Carroll’s famous and fascinatingly enigmatic novel Alice in Wonderland, this video trailer gives a seductive, enchanting, and sensuous look into Unsuk Chin's new opera.

Views: 12470

Šu (2009)

Unsuk Chin

Plays: 3533

Akrostichon-Wortspiel (1991/93)

Unsuk Chin

Plays: 5509

Cantatrix Sopranica (2004-05)

Unsuk Chin

Plays: 6483

Double Concerto (2002)

Unsuk Chin

Plays: 4673

Fantaisie mécanique (1994/97)

Unsuk Chin

Plays: 3264

Piano Etude No. 1 (1999)

Unsuk Chin

Plays: 2245

Violin Concerto (2001)

Unsuk Chin

Plays: 9145

Xi (1998)

Unsuk Chin

Plays: 2868

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Symphony No.5 (1994)

Peter Maxwell Davies

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La Commedia: The City of Dis (2004-08)

Louis Andriessen

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Taverner (1962-68/1970)

Peter Maxwell Davies

Plays: 6750

Cantatrix Sopranica (2004-05)

Unsuk Chin

Plays: 6483

Son of Chamber Symphony I (1992)

John Adams

Plays: 3706

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