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Brundibár (1938/43) (sung in Czech)

Hans Krása

Reproducciones: 2608

Brundibár (1938/43) (sung in German)

Hans Krása

Reproducciones: 2083

Presentados Clips

Die Besessenen (2008-09)

Johannes Kalitzke

Reproducciones: 2096

Double Concerto (2002)

Unsuk Chin

Reproducciones: 5006

The Gospel According to the Other Mary: Act I, Scene V "Tell Me: How Is This Night Different"

John Adams

Reproducciones: 1396

String Quartet: The Tree of Strings (2007)

Harrison Birtwistle

Reproducciones: 4878

Cello Concerto (2000)

Elliott Carter

Reproducciones: 2324