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Currier, Sebastian: Sleepers and Dreamers for chorus and orchestra

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Score Details

Title: Sleepers and Dreamers
Composer: Sebastian Currier
Duration: 22'
Composition Date: 2012
Publisher: B&H Inc
Instrumentation: chorus and orchestra
Description: for chorus and orchestra
Scoring: 3(III=picc).3.3(II=Ebcl, III=bcl).3(III=dbn)-; SD/cym(M)/tom-t(low)/4tgl(low, medium low, medium high, high)/brake dr/BD/guiro/bell tree/tamb/cow bell/high hat-pft(=digital kbd sampler)-strings

Tech Requirements
This work includes 18 audio samples which must be loaded into a digital keyboard. The samples should be assigned to the keyboard pitches notated in the part. The keyboard should have a volume pedal on the output. The amplification system should be on the stage next to the keyboard. The dynamic markings in the score represent the approximate volume levels of the samples. The 18 stereo samples are available from the publisher with the performance materials.
Abbreviations (PDF)
Territory: This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the world
Rental: Sleepers and Dreamers
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