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Currier, Sebastian: Nightmaze multimedia work with narrator and chamber ensemble

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Score Details

Title: Nightmaze
Composer: Sebastian Currier
Duration: 45'
Composition Date: 2005
Publisher: B&H Inc
Instrumentation: narrator and ensemble
Description: multimedia work with narrator and chamber ensemble
Scoring: hat/cowbell/tamb/glsp/brake drs/crot-pft.kybd-vln.vcl.db-narrator-video projections-4 channel electronics

Tech Requirements
The prerecorded audio and visual components in this performance version are implemented through Watchout, software made by Dataton, which is compatible with both Macs and PCs. The video alternates between loops and cue points, the audio is initiated at most of these cue points. The score represents these trigger points on an independent cue line and a musician most follow the score and execute these cues. The audio out is encoded in surround 5.1 (but uses only four channels) and therefore a four speaker set-up along with a mixing console that has four outputs is necessary. All the instruments and the spoken voice should be amplified, and therefore the mixing console must be sufficient to accommodate inputs not only from the four Watchout outputs, but also from the nine instrumentalists and spoken voice. The prerecorded audio and visual components of this piece are essential and must be obtained from the publisher in order to present this piece. There should be a skilled sound engineer for set-up and operation
Abbreviations (PDF)
Territory: This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the world
Rental: Nightmaze
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