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Our Rush Fee and Return Policies are changing in 2013. Please click here to review all new B&H Rental Policies.

As well as our own publications, we are agents for:

  • Ricordi, Milan
  • Ricordi, London
  • Ricordi, Munich
  • Durand/Salabert/Eschig
  • Edition Musica Budapest (EMB)
  • Carisch
  • Edizioni Suvini Zerboni aka Sugarmusic
  • Fennica Gehrmans (formerly Fazer)
  • Gehrmans Musikförlag
  • Joseph Weinberger
  • Walton Music

  • If you are sure that the music you wish to rent is published by Boosey and Hawkes, try our catalogue search.

    If you are not sure which publisher represents the work you are looking for, try using the ASCAP and BMI title searches.


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    • What are your business hours?
      The library is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time Monday through Friday. We cannot process or fulfill orders on evenings or weekends. Please consider this when placing your order.

    • May I pick up or drop off my music in person?
      We regret that we cannot allow customer pickups or drop-offs. For customers within the New York City area, we can arrange for courier service.


    • Is my rental order considered firm once I submit the completed order form?
      Yes. If you are unsure about renting a piece, do not proceed to the rental order form. You can place a quote request at any time; we strongly recommend that you do this before placing an order. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions before you finalize an order.

    • How do I rent an opera, ballet, or other staged work?
      If you plan to program the work in its entirety, you will need a Grand Rights License. Please do not place an order through the Rental Library; instead, please contact our Associate Director of Grand Rights Licensing, Rachel Peters, at for a Grand Rights License Request Form. If you are planning to perform selections from the work, however, you may not need a Grand Rights License, and you can email us at for further assistance.

    • How long does it take to process a rental order?
      Once we receive your completed rental order form, we require a minimum of TEN BUSINESS days to prepare and ship your order BEFORE it leaves our warehouse. We recommend that you submit your order form as soon as possible BEFORE you require materials in hand.

    • What is your standard rental period?
      Our standard rental period is 10 weeks. We can extend this to 12 weeks at no extra charge if necessary.

    • What if we want to extend our rental?
      A rental extension is charged at one first performance fee for each 10-week extension. Extensions are available in 3 month increments only. You must notify the library staff of your need for an extension or you will be charged late fees.

    • When is an order considered a RUSH order?
      All orders that are required to ship from our warehouse prior to 10 business days from the date we receive your signed contract will incur an additional $275 non-refundable rush fee. Standard rental and shipping costs still apply.

    • When will my order arrive (Date Materials Required)?
      You can expect your order to arrive on the date you specify in the space provided for ‘Date Materials Required’ on our order form. Do not write ASAP in this space; rental forms received without a Date Materials Required will NOT be processed. We recommend that you choose a Date Materials Required well in advance of your first rehearsal. Please note that we cannot release materials unless you have returned a signed rental agreement prior to the date materials are due to ship.

    • How do I obtain a perusal score?
      To inquire about perusals, please write to Perusal scores are available to help customers finalize concert programming; they are not meant to replace rental materials. If you need extra and/or advance scores to supplement a rental request, please indicate this on your rental order form instead, and we will provide those as part of your order.

    • I am playing in a concerto competition. How can I obtain rental material?
      Please have the administrator of your competition contact us directly and as far in advance as possible.

    • I am a student planning a recital. How can I obtain rental music?
      We consider your concert a student recital ONLY if it is an adjudicated performance for a degree requirement. Though we are glad to assist with your recital, please note that we will not rent sets to individual students. Instead, please have your school´s ensemble library or music department administrator contact us to process your order or to set up an account. Please ask them to notify us of your student recital in the space provided on the order form.


    • What materials are included in a rental set?
      A rental set includes one conductor score, one set of winds, brass, and percussion parts, and a string set as dictated by the orchestration of the work. If you need additional scores or other materials, you must specify this on your rental order form.

    • We need more string parts than are provided in your set. What do we do?
      Boosey & Hawkes permits the photocopying of ONLY those string parts necessary to accommodate your string forces. You must destroy these photocopies after your concert. You may NOT photocopy winds, brass, percussion or scores of any kind.

    • Our rental set is missing a part AND/OR we received materials in unsatisfactory condition, what do we do?
      Be sure you check your rental set carefully IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT; DO NOT WAIT UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE. We are not responsible for problems resulting from missing or defective parts if they are reported to us AFTER the concert date is past or if final rehearsals are imminent. Notify us if you are missing a part by either calling 212-358-5300 option 2 or email us at detailing the situation and your transaction number.

    • May we have advanced scores, strings or wind sets?
      In the event that you must receive string masters or scores earlier than 10 weeks before your performance, we charge an administrative fee of $15 per part and/or $25 per score plus shipping. We cannot provide complete wind sets in advance. For Grand Rights orders, advance material fees may vary. Advanced parts are available for up to six months before a performance. ALL advance part orders are subject to our rush fee policy; please plan accordingly.

    • How does the Rental Library ship my music?
      All rental materials are shipped exclusively via UPS. We offer Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air and 3rd Day Air guaranteed services as well as UPS Ground which is a 5 business day guarantee to anywhere in the United States. To Canada, we offer UPS Standard and UPS International Express. If you place your order with at least 15 business days lead time, your music will automatically ship via UPS Ground. If you would like to request a "guaranteed" service, please indicate this clearly on your order form. A signature is required upon delivery for ALL rental shipments. UPS does NOT ship to PO Boxes.

    • What if we lose a part?
      All sets returned incomplete are assessed a missing parts fee of $35 per part, and $200 per full score. Except in the case of large opera sets, all returns must be returned in a single package. If you notify us in advance that you are awaiting all the parts back, we will note this. If you return missing parts back to us within 2 weeks of your due date, within 2 weeks of your due date we will refund the missing parts fee by 50%.

    • FEES

    • How does Boosey & Hawkes determine rental prices?
      Prices are determined using three criteria and are not inclusive of shipping and handling charges or additional service charges as applicable:

      1. Annual budget of the performing organization
      2. Duration of the work as determined by Boosey & Hawkes
      3. Size of orchestration (Orchestral, Chamber orchestra or Ensemble of 9 or fewer players) as determined by Boosey & Hawkes.

    • There is no admission fee for my concert. Will I receive a free or discounted rental?
      We are sorry, but rental fees are not calculated in proportion to your admission fees.

    • Does my orchestra's concert qualify for an educational discount?
      Boosey & Hawkes defines an Educational Concert as a performance given for a grade school audience where an orchestra performs a ‘run-out’ concert at the school, or the children are bussed in during school hours, and where no ticket fees are charged. There is a discount on rentals for these types of performances, and it applies ONLY to orchestras classified as Major by Musical America. If your concert qualifies, please note the status of your Educational Concert in the space provided on the order form.

    • My performance is going to include visual art (photography, video, film). Is there an additional fee for this?
      Yes. Please include specific details in your quote request and your order. Contact the library staff for specific fees pertaining to your concert. NOTE: This is not the same as a Grand Rights performance.

    • How much will I pay for shipping?
      Shipping costs are based on the individual weight of the set and the distance to destination from our warehouse in New York City. Please refer to the chart below for approximate UPS shipping ranges.

       Avg. 15 Pound Pkg New York California
       UPS Ground $9.00 $16.00
       UPS 3 Day Select $16.00 $40.00
       UPS 2 Day Select $20.00 $57.00
       UPS Next Day Air $37.00 $99.00

      These prices may be used as a guide for United States shipments and are based on the average shipping cost of a 15 pound set of music.

    • What forms of payment does Boosey & Hawkes accept?
      Once you receive an invoice, you can make arrangements with our billing department to pay by check, money order, credit card (MasterCard or Visa only), or wire transfer. When making a wire payment, please include your company name, customer number or the invoice number you are paying. For universities paying by purchase order, you can include the purchase order number on your order form or email it to us. Please note that we do not accept purchase orders as official rental requests and we do not require a hard copy of your purchase order. Please contact for further questions regarding payment.

    • What if we want to record our concert?
      Non-archival recordings are considered a separate use of the rented work and are subject to additional fees. Please contact the rental department directly for the recording rental fee, and you then must contact our Business Affairs department about licensing the recording at 212-538-5355. Mechanical license fees will also apply; please inquire for further assistance.

    • What if we want to broadcast our concert?
      Delayed audio-only broadcasts of your concert are considered a separate use of the rented work and are subject to additional fees. Broadcasts of performances are charged based on when they occur. There is no limit on the number of broadcasts. Please refer to the chart below for pricing rates:

      Up to two weeks after final performance No charge
      Between 2 weeks and 6 months 25% of a first performance fee
      Up to one year 50% of a first performance fee
      Broadcasts beyond one year 1 first performance fee

      Audio-visual (TV, Internet, HD theatre) broadcasts are subject to additional fees.

    • What if we want to upload our performance to the Internet?
      You MUST contact us for permission before you can upload your performance to the Internet including live streaming. You will need to obtain a New Media license from the appropriate performing rights society (ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN) and work with our staff for any additional licensing.

    • What if we cancel our performance?
      All cancellation notices must be made in writing as soon as possible.

      There is no fee for cancellations that occur before materials have been shipped out from the library. Rental fees will be credited.

      Concerts cancelled AFTER materials have been shipped but BEFORE the performance date will incur a $75 reshelving fee in addition to shipping charges. Rental fees will be credited.

      Concerts cancelled AFTER the performance date listed on your order form will not be credited

    • What is your returns policy?
      • Material must be returned to us within two weeks of the final performance date, whether complete or incomplete.*
      • If materials are received by B&H after the due date, Organization will be charged $50 for every week materials are overdue plus an administration fee of $25.
      • If material is received by B&H more than 60 days after the final performance, organization will additionally be charged the full replacement cost and an administration fee of $25.

      Please note that you are responsible for all costs associated with your return shipment.


      1’ – 5’$275
      6’ – 10’$375
      11’ – 15’$550
      16’ – 20’$725
      21’ – 25’$900
      26’ – 30’$1000
      31’ – 35’$1200
      36’ – 40’$1400
      41’ – 45’$1600
      46’ – 50’$1800
      51’ – 55’$2000
      56’ – 60’$2200
      61’ – 65’$2400
      66’ – 70’$2600
      71’ – 75’$2800
      76’ – 80’$3000
      81’ – 85’$3200
      86’ – 90’$3400
      91’ – 95’$3600
      96’ – 100’$3800

      Please note that these charges do not include the administration fee of $25.00.

      * If any sets are returned with missing parts, you will receive a letter detailing all missing items and an invoice. These will be treated according to our Missing Parts policy noted above.

    • Does my student recital qualify for a discount?
      There is a separate rate for student recitals ONLY if they are adjudicated performances for a degree requirement. This does not apply to regular concerts on an educational institution's subscription season. If your concert qualifies, please note the status of your student recital in the space provided on the order form.

    Order Forms

    If you are unable to access our web order form, you may submit order forms by email to or by fax to 212-358-5307.

    Click here for a MS Word Rental Order Form (requires MS Word installed on your PC)

    Click here for a PDF Rental Order Form

    How to contact us

    Boosey & Hawkes, Inc., an Imagem Company
    601 W. 26th Street, Suite 312
    New York, NY 10001

    Tel: +1 212-358-5300 option 2
    Fax: +1 212-358-5307

    Please be sure to identify your organization, the composer and title of the work you need, and any applicable order, quote, or request ID numbers. Repeating your inquiry via multiple modes of communication actually increases response time.

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