Publish It

What is Music Publishing?

Wherever music is used there is a charge which is paid to the songwriter/composer. Regardless of whether it is a ringtone, a CD sale, a live performance at a medium-to-large venue, or having a composition used in an advert, a 'royalty' is due to the person who wrote/composed the music.

The publisher will aim to get the work of a songwriter/composer used in as many ways as possible. This can include helping to secure a record deal, having the music 'synched' on a radio/TV programme, advert or film, or seeking other artists to record a 'cover version' of the song. It is also the publisher's responsibility to 'administer' the catalogue, ensuring that where a composition has been used, the appropriate amount has been paid. This is done in conjunction with collection societies such as 'PRS' and 'MCPS'. The societies collect money from music users and pass it on to the publishing companies and/or songwriters/composers, after deducting a commission.

Publishers also deal with a wide range of other companies including record labels, film producers, ad agencies, ringtone providers and other artists and artist managers.

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