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Dances (Full Score) (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£25.99Add to basket
Dancing On The Bones HPS1332 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£22.99Add to basket
De Materie (Nonesuch Audio CD) (Nonesuch)£35.46Add to basket
De Staat (Nonesuch Audio CD)£0.00Add to basket
De Staat HPS1234 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£35.99Add to basket
De Stijl/M is for Man, Music, Mozart (Nonesuch Audio CD)£16.98Add to basket
De Tijd (Nonesuch Audio CD) (Nonesuch)£18.26Add to basket
De Tijd (Time) (Hawkes Pocket Score) (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£18.99Add to basket
De Toren (The Tower) (1988) Carillon (Donemus)£8.50Add to basket
Disco [1982] Violin & Piano (Donmeus)£12.99Add to basket
Een Lied Van De Zee (A Song Of The Sea)£1.99ePartners Electronic Download
Elegy for Cello or double bass & piano (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£9.99Add to basket
Facing Death Full Score (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£45.99Add to basket
Garden of Eros for Violin & Piano (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£18.99Add to basket
Hadewijch HPS1268 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£22.99Add to basket
Hoketus (Full Score) Don0172 (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£10.99Add to basket
Hout (Wood) (Full Score) Don0174 (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£19.99Add to basket
Image de Moreau (Piano) (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£13.99Add to basket
La Commedia (Nonesuch Audio CDs + DVD) (Nonesuch)£19.99Add to basket
Laat toch vrij die straat (Boosey & Hawkes)£2.25ePartners Electronic Download
Lacrimosa (1991) 2 Bassoons (Boosey & Hawkes)£7.99Add to basket
Mausoleum (Full Score) Don0099 (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£18.99Add to basket
Melody - treble recorder (or other flutes) and piano (Schott)£6.99Add to basket
Memory of Roses (Donmeus)£27.99Add to basket
Nuit D'ete (1957) Piano Duet (Donemus)£9.99Add to basket
Overture to Orpheus (1982) Harpsichord (Donemus)£10.50Add to basket
Rosa - The Death of a Composer (Nonesuch Audio CD) (Nonesuch)£33.98Add to basket
Shared Memory (Boosey & Hawkes)£2.25ePartners Electronic Download
Sonata for Flute & Piano (1956) (Donemus)£15.99Add to basket
Sweet (treble recorder) (Schott)£6.99Add to basket
Tao HPS1336 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£12.99Add to basket
To Pauline for Oboe Solo (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£10.99Add to basket
Trepidus For Piano (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£12.99Add to basket
Very Sharp Trumpet Sonata (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£5.99Add to basket
What Shall I Buy You, Son? Voice/Piano (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£11.99Add to basket
Woodpecker Percussion Solo (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£11.99Add to basket
Works For String Quartet HPS1436 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£15.99Add to basket
Writing to Vermeer (Nonesuch Audio CD x2)£23.99Add to basket
Zilver (full score) (Boosey & Hawkes)£38.50Add to basket