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'________' - 2 clarinets, viola, cello, marimba & piano (score) (Schott) £34.99Add to basket
1998 - string quartet (score & parts) (Schott)£32.99Availability Alert
1998 - violin & piano (score) (Schott)£10.99Availability Alert
Aeneas and Dido - flute, clarinet & piano (score & parts) (Schott)£6.99Add to basket
Au Milieu - piano (Schott)£7.99Availability Alert
Au Milleu piano (Oxford University Press)£8.95Add to basket
Beethoven for bass voice and ensemble (study score) (Schott)£14.99Add to basket
Before the Road - 4 clarinets (score & parts) (Schott)£14.99Availability Alert
Before the Road - 4 saxophones (score & parts) (Schott)£14.99Availability Alert
Carol for 2-part voices & keyboard (Schott) Bulk Discount£2.50Add to basket
Day for orchestra (study score) (Schott)£7.99Add to basket
Feldman's Sixpenny Editions - ensemble (study score) (Schott)£26.99Add to basket
First Sorrow: String Quartet No. 4 (score & parts) (Schott)£27.99Add to basket
Five Chorales from The Intelligence Park - 2 pianos (Schott)£29.99Availability Alert
Humiliated and Insulted - piano (Schott)£8.99Availability Alert
In the Asylum - violin & piano (Schott)£11.99Availability Alert
In the Asylum for violin, cello & piano (score & parts) (Schott)£19.99Add to basket
Jabberwocky - voice, horn in F & piano (Schott)£19.99Add to basket
Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007) for voice and piano (Schott)£4.99Add to basket
Le Vieux Sourd - piano (Schott)£9.99Add to basket
Long Time - mixed choir (SATB) (choral score) (Schott) Bulk Discount£5.99Add to basket
Low - clarinet in Bb & piano (Schott)£11.99Add to basket
Low Cl&Pf (Oxford University Press)£11.50Add to basket
Meets Beethoven (Orchid Classics Audio CD) (Select Music) £15.99
Add to basket
Midday for solo piano (Schott)£6.99Add to basket
No other people - orchestra (study score) (Schott)£12.99Add to basket
No people. - nonet (study score) (Schott)£11.00Add to basket
Ø (Symbol) - 2 pianos (performance score) (Schott)£9.99Add to basket
O Tannenbaum for SATB choir (Schott) Bulk Discount£2.99Add to basket
Piano Concerto - piano & orchestra (study score) (Schott)£29.99Add to basket
Piano Quartet No. 2 (score & parts) (Schott)£29.99Availability Alert
Piano Quartet No.1 (set of parts) (Oxford University Press)£32.50Add to basket
Piano Quartet No1: Score (Oxford University Press)£17.95Add to basket
Schott and Sons, Mainz - bass solo and choir (SATB) (choral score) (Schott) Bulk Discount£7.50Add to basket
Sextet - ensemble (score) (Schott)£12.99Availability Alert
Sextet - ensemble (set of parts) (Schott)£24.99Availability Alert
String Quartet No. 1 (score & parts) (Schott) £28.99Add to basket
Sur les pointes (first section) - guitar & harpsichord (performance score) (Schott) £7.99Availability Alert
Sur Les Pointes piano (Oxford University Press)£4.50Add to basket
Swinging Tripes and Trillibubkins (Piano) (Schott)£6.99Add to basket
Swining Tripes & Trillibubkins (Oxford University Press)£5.75Add to basket
The coming of winter for SATB (Schott) Bulk Discount£3.99Add to basket
The Importance of Being Earnest (study score) (Schott)£49.99Add to basket
The Importance of Being Earnest (vocal score) (Schott)£39.99Add to basket
Triorchic Blues for piano (Schott)£6.99Add to basket
Triorchic Blues for solo violin (Schott)£6.99Add to basket
Trumpeter - trumpet in C or Bb (Schott)£4.99Add to basket
Water Parted (From the Intelligence Park) for soprano & piano (Schott)£11.99Add to basket