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26 Simultaneous Mosaics (Peters Edition)£18.50Add to basket
Air and Scherzo (Alto Saxophone & Small Orchestra) (G. Schirmer) £40.95Add to basket
Ancient Desert Drone - Concert Band (Full Score) (G. Schirmer)£6.99Add to basket
Ancient Desert Drone - Concert Band (Score & Parts) (G. Schirmer)£55.99Add to basket
Ballad (1954) (String Orchestra) (G. Schirmer) £9.95Add to basket
Ballad of the Two Mothers for SSATBB (Peermusic) Bulk Discount£1.90Add to basket
Carol for Orchestra (Score) (G. Schirmer) £9.95Add to basket
Day, Evening, Night, Morning for TTBBBB a cappella (Peermusic) Bulk Discount£3.00Add to basket
Daybreak for high voice & piano (Peermusic)£3.00Add to basket
Evensong at Brookside for TTBBB a cappella (Peermusic) Bulk Discount£1.90Add to basket
Four Declamations With Return Cello (G. Schirmer) £8.95Add to basket
Hymn & Fuguing Tune No. 2 - String Orchestra (Full Score) (G. Schirmer)£5.99Add to basket
Hymn And Fuguing Tune No. 3 (Full Score) (G. Schirmer)£18.95Add to basket
Hymn and Fuguing Tune No. 7 for viola & piano (Peermusic)£4.50Add to basket
Hymn and Fuguing Tune No.13 (Trombone & Piano) (G. Schirmer) £14.95Add to basket
Hymn and Fuguing Tune No.14 (Organ) (G. Schirmer)£10.95Add to basket
Mosaic Quartet (String Quartet Score & Parts) (G. Schirmer) £25.95Add to basket
Movement for String Quartet (G. Schirmer) £9.95Add to basket
Old American Country Set - Concert Band (Full Score) (G. Schirmer)£4.99Add to basket
Old American Country Set - Concert Band (Score & Parts) (G. Schirmer)£51.99Add to basket
Ostinati (3) (oboe & piano) (United Music Publishing (UMP))£25.99Add to basket
Overture for orchestra (study score) (Peermusic)£7.00Add to basket
Persian Set (Peters Edition)£19.50Add to basket
Piano Chamber & Vocal Works 2 (Audio CD) (Select Music) £6.95
Add to basket
Piano Trio (in 9 short movements) (Peters Edition)£32.00Add to basket
Prelude for Organ (G. Schirmer)£5.95Add to basket
Psalm 121 Archive Edition - SATB (G. Schirmer) Bulk Discount£1.50Add to basket
Quartet (Flute Score/Parts) (G. Schirmer) £21.95Add to basket
Quartet/Violin Suite/Songs/Piano Pieces/Polyphonica/Irish Suite (Naxos Audio CD) (Select Music) £5.92
Add to basket
Rhythm-Harmony Quartets - 1. Quartet Romantic (Peters Edition)£32.00Add to basket
Sailor's Hornpipe for saxophone quartet (score & parts) (Peermusic)£22.50Add to basket
Set of 4 for Harpsichord (G. Schirmer)£8.95Add to basket
Spring at Summer's End for SSA a cappella (Peermusic) Bulk Discount£1.00Add to basket
String Quartet No. 5 (Peters Edition)£24.95Add to basket
String Quartet No.1 (Miniature Score) (G. Schirmer) £17.95Add to basket
Symphony No. 4 (Orchestra Miniature Score) (G. Schirmer) £27.95Add to basket
Symphony No.11 (Seven Rituals Of Music) - Orchestral Score (G. Schirmer)£27.95Add to basket
Triad for trumpet & piano (Peermusic)£9.00Add to basket
Trio: Four Combinations for Three Instruments (Peters Edition)£24.95Add to basket
Vocalise. Soprano, Flute And Piano (Peters Edition)£13.95Add to basket