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2 Invocations Op. 26 voice & piano (Novello)£6.30Music Finder
Beatitudes (Music Sales)£1.75Music Finder
Carols And Anthems (Novello)£9.95Add to basket
Chamber Music for Brass Quintet (Score) (Novello)£8.95Add to basket
Christ Is Risen (SATB) (Novello)£2.25Add to basket
Christ Is Risen SATB Novello (Music Sales)£2.25Music Finder
Concerto For Oboe & Strings (Score) (Peters Edition) £18.50Add to basket
Coverdales Carol SATB (Novello)£2.50Music Finder
Dance Suite Op. 21 piano (Novello)£7.50Music Finder
Divisions On A Ground Op. 154 cello (Masters Music)£8.50Add to basket
Divisions On A Ground Op.154 (Solo Cello (Peters Edition) £9.95Add to basket
Duo for Violin and Cello, Op.65 (Novello)£9.95Add to basket
Four Images (Peters Edition) £15.95Add to basket
Give Us The Wings of Faith (Novello)£1.95Add to basket
Leaves of Life Op. 41 (Novello)£7.95Music Finder
O Lorde, The Maker Of Al Thing (SATB & Organ) (Novello)£2.25Add to basket
Passacaglia and Fugue (Novello)£7.95Add to basket
Piano Sonata No.3 Op. 157 (Peters Edition)£12.50Add to basket
Prelude On York (Peters Edition) £6.25Add to basket
Pro Pace Motets (SSAATTBB) (Novello)£5.95Add to basket
Rorate Coeli (Novello)£4.99Add to basket
Rorate Coeli Vocal Score (Novello)£4.95Music Finder
Shropshire Hills (Masters Music)£8.95Add to basket
Six Short Preludes On English Hymn Tunes, Op. 125 (Novello)£11.95Add to basket
Sleep Canticle (Music Sales)£3.15Music Finder
Sleep Canticle (SATB) (Novello)£3.25Add to basket
Sonata for Viola and Piano: First Movement (Novello)£2.65Add to basket
Sonata In One Movement (Novello)£6.95Add to basket
South of the Line (SATB) (Vocal Score) (Novello)£5.95Add to basket
South of the Line Vocal Score (Novello)£6.95Music Finder
That Time Of Year (Baritone & Piano) (Peters Edition) £11.95Add to basket
That Time Of Year (Voice & Piano) (Peters Edition) £8.95Add to basket
The Instant Moment (NAXOS Audio CD) (Select Music)  £6.99
Add to basket
The Turning Wheel (Novello)£3.85Add to basket
There Is No Rose (SATB) (Novello)£1.50Add to basket
Three Carols (SATB) (Novello)£2.75Add to basket
Tombeau for solo bass viol (Nova Music)£4.75Add to basket
Torches (SATB) (Novello)£1.99Add to basket
Torches! (Unison or SA) (Novello)£1.75Add to basket