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7 Impressions Piccolo & Piano (Pan Educational)£9.95Add to basket
8 Folk Songs For 4 Flutes (Hunt Edition)£9.99Add to basket
A Fancy Of Folksongs (harp part) (Oxford University Press)£5.75Add to basket
A Fancy Of Folksongs SATB & piano/harp (Oxford University Press)£9.25Add to basket
A Winter's Night - SATB (Oxford University Press)£4.95Add to basket
Advent Moon (vocal score) (Oxford University Press)£1.85Add to basket
Aurea luce for SATB & organ (Oxford University Press)£2.60Add to basket
Ave Maria SSA A Cappella (Oxford University Press)£2.05Add to basket
Ave Maris Stella SATB/soprano solo (Oxford University Press)£8.50Add to basket
Ave Regina SATB A Cappella (Oxford University Press)£2.05Add to basket
Before the paling of the stars for SATB & organ (Oxford University Press)£1.85Add to basket
Celebration for organ solo (Oxford University Press) £7.50Add to basket
Christus Natus Est christmas Cantata (Oxford University Press)£5.75Add to basket
Deus, portus pacis for SSATB unaccompanied (Oxford University Press)£2.20Add to basket
Eleven for Flute & Piano (Hunt Edition)£4.95Add to basket
Framed (for trumpet & piano) (Brass Wind)£10.50Add to basket
Framed for trumpet & piano (Brass Wind)£8.50Add to basket
Joy and Woe are woven fine for SSATB unaccompanied (Oxford University Press)£1.60Add to basket
Light Eternal - SSATB and organ (Oxford University Press)£2.20Add to basket
Love's Philosophy for SATB unaccompanied (Oxford University Press)£2.20Add to basket
Magnificat (SATB) vocal score (Oxford University Press)£11.50Add to basket
Magnificat (vocal score) (Oxford University Press)£10.25Add to basket
Moon Dances Flute & Piano (Hunt Edition)£11.95Add to basket
Night Flight - cello part (Oxford University Press)£5.50Add to basket
Night Flight for SSATB & cello (Oxford University Press)£5.50Add to basket
Night Trumpeter Bb Trumpet & Piano (Brass Wind)£11.75Add to basket
Now may we singen for SATB unaccompanied (Oxford University Press)£1.85Add to basket
O Oriens (SSATB) (Oxford University Press)£2.50Add to basket
On The Sunny Side of the Street for clarinet - Digital Download (Boosey & Hawkes)£2.25ePartners Electronic Download
Regina Caeli SATB (Oxford University Press)£2.40Add to basket
Six Pastiches Flute/piano (Spartan Press)£10.50Add to basket
Some corner of a foreign field (vocal score) (Oxford University Press) £3.50Add to basket
Song & Dance Flute & Piano (Hunt Edition)£7.95Add to basket
Soundtracks Flute & Piano (Hunt Edition)£3.99Add to basket
Stabat Mater (vocal score) (Oxford University Press)£10.50Add to basket
Standing as I do before God - SSATB & solo soprano (Oxford University Press)£2.20Add to basket
Three Pastiches for clarinet & piano (Hunt Edition)£8.95Add to basket
Winter Music (wind quintet) (Hunt Edition) £15.95
Add to basket
Would Like To Meet (vocal score) (Oxford University Press)£2.20Add to basket