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Cello Concerto (Cello & Piano) (Novello)£22.95Add to basket
Cello Concerto (Naxos Audio CD) (Select Music) £6.99
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Collected Piano Music vol.1 (Thames)£9.95Add to basket
Collected Piano Music vol.2 (Thames)£9.95Add to basket
Collected Songs vol.1 (Thames)£9.95Add to basket
Fancies (3 Pieces For Piano) (Schott)£7.99Add to basket
Fantasy Quartet (Miniature Score) (Music Sales)£7.50Add to basket
Fantasy Quartet (Parts) (Music Sales)£11.95Add to basket
Folksong Arrangements (Naxos Audio CD) (Select Music) £6.99
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Four Shakespeare Songs (Novello)£12.95Add to basket
Good Wine (SATB) (Novello) Bulk Discount£2.25Add to basket
In the Mountain Country/Rhapsodies 1 & 2/Nocturne/Serenade (Chandos Audio CD) (Select Music) £7.35
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Irish Elegy (SATB) (Novello) Bulk Discount£2.75Add to basket
Jolly Carter SATB (Elkin) Bulk Discount£1.99Add to basket
Jolly Carter Unison (Banks) Bulk Discount£1.50Add to basket
Loveliest Of Trees - (key: E) (Curwen)£5.50Add to basket
Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in D for SATB & Organ (S443) (Banks) Bulk Discount£3.05Add to basket
On a May Morning - piano (Schott)£10.99Add to basket
Phyllida and Corydon (Vocal Score) (SATB) (Novello) Bulk Discount£7.95Add to basket
Prelude for Cello and Piano (Novello)£9.95Add to basket
Rhapsodies Nos. 1/2 (Naxos Audio CD) (Select Music) £6.99
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Serenade In G Orch St Sc (Novello)£22.95Add to basket
Seven Poems of James Joyce (Chester Music)£9.95Add to basket
Sinfonietta (Miniature Score) (Novello)£15.95Add to basket
Solo Songs (Chandos Audio CD 2-disc set) (Chandos) £16.50
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Sonata (Violin & Piano) (Chester Music)£22.95Add to basket
Sonata for 2 Violins (Score & Parts) (Boosey & Hawkes)£22.99Add to basket
Sonata for Violincello and Piano (Novello)£11.95Add to basket
Songs of Springtime (SATB) (Novello) Bulk Discount£6.99Add to basket
String Quartet In A Minor (Parts) (Chester Music)£14.95Add to basket
String Quartet In E Flat Major (Parts) (Novello)£16.95Add to basket
String Quartet/Fantasy Quartet/Sonata for Violin and Piano (Chandos Audio CD) (Select Music) £7.50
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String Quartets/String Trio (Naxos Audio CD) (Select Music) £6.95
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String Trio in G (Stainer & Bell)£38.95Add to basket
Symphony In G Minor (Study Score) (Novello)£28.95Add to basket
Symphony in G minor/Sinfonietta (Naxos Audio CD) (Select Music) £5.92
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Symphony in G/Overture for a Masque/Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra (Chandos Audio CD) (Select Music) £7.35
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The Lover And His Lass (SS) (Novello) Bulk Discount£2.25Add to basket
The sailor and young Nancy (vocal score) (Oxford University Press) Bulk Discount£2.65Add to basket
Theme and Variations - piano (Schott)£11.50Add to basket
Three Piano Pieces - piano (Schott)£10.99Add to basket
Two Pieces - piano (Schott)£5.99Add to basket
Violin Concerto (Pocket Score) (Novello)£15.95Add to basket
Violin Concerto (Violin & Piano) (Novello)£27.95Add to basket
Violin Concerto/Lonely Waters/Whythorne's Shadow/Cello Concerto (Chandos Audio CD) (Select Music) £7.35
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