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Accents & Solos For Jazz & Rock Drumming (Joel Rothman Publications)£13.95Add to basket
Around The Drums Compleatly (Joel Rothman Publications)£36.00Add to basket
Basic Drum Technique & Beyond (Joel Rothman Publications)£20.95Add to basket
Basic Drumming (Joel Rothman Publications)£29.95Add to basket
Basic Drumming Made Easy: For Snare and Set (Joel Rothman Publications)£14.95Add to basket
Basic Rock Beats (drums) (Joel Rothman Publications)£10.95Add to basket
Blood Sweat & Rudiments (drums) (Joel Rothman Publications)£16.95Add to basket
Clap Your Hands (Joel Rothman Publications)£14.95Add to basket
Cloudy, with a Chance of Linear Thunder 'Round the Drums (Joel Rothman Publications) £19.95Add to basket
Compleat Drum Reader (hardback) (Joel Rothman Publications)£80.95Add to basket
Compleat Drum Technique (hardback) (Joel Rothman Publications)£80.95Add to basket
Co-ordinated Rock Breaks Phased In Three (Joel Rothman Publications)£3.75Add to basket
Drumming and All That Jazz (Joel Rothman Publications)£16.95Add to basket
Dynamic Control (Joel Rothman Publications)£3.50Add to basket
Easy Drum Solos For Jazz Coordination Rothman (Joel Rothman Publications)£13.95Add to basket
Easy Drum Solos To Develop Technique Rothman (Joel Rothman Publications)£15.95Add to basket
Easy Music Crossword Puzzles 2 (Joel Rothman Publications)£1.50Add to basket
Four Way Independence For Jazz Druming (Joel Rothman Publications)£14.95Add to basket
Four Way Independence For Rock Drumming (Joel Rothman Publications)£15.95Add to basket
Hardest Drum Book Ever Written (Joel Rothman Publications)£14.95Add to basket
I And Thou drums Duets (Joel Rothman Publications)£2.95Add to basket
Jazz Bible Of Coordination (drums) (Joel Rothman Publications)£15.95Add to basket
Jazz Breaks In A Nutshell (Joel Rothman Publications)£21.95Add to basket
Mini Monster Book Of Rock Drumming (Joel Rothman Publications)£19.95Add to basket
Musical Crossword Puzzles (Joel Rothman Publications)£1.50Add to basket
Orchestral Snare Drumming: Short Musical Etudes (Joel Rothman Publications)£19.95Add to basket
Paradiddle Rock (Joel Rothman Publications)£14.95Add to basket
Picture Guide Rock & Roll Drums (Joel Rothman Publications)£4.95Add to basket
Quintuplets For Jazz Drumming (Joel Rothman Publications)£3.95Add to basket
Quips And Quotes For Elvis (Columbia Pictures)£2.95Add to basket
Reading Rudiments & Rock Drumming (Joel Rothman Publications)£14.95Add to basket
Reading, Rudiments & Marching Cadences for Beginning & Intermediate Drummers (Joel Rothman Publications)£16.95Add to basket
Rock & Roll Bible Of Co-ordination (Joel Rothman Publications)£16.95Add to basket
Rock Around The Drums (Joel Rothman Publications)£15.95Add to basket
Rock Drum Solos To Develop Coordination Rothman (Joel Rothman Publications)£15.95Add to basket
Rock Etudes for Drum Set (Joel Rothman Publications)£16.95Add to basket
Rolls, Rolls, Rolls (revised) (Joel Rothman Publications)£19.99Add to basket
Rudiment Etudes for Snare Drum (Joel Rothman Publications) £19.95Add to basket
Rudiments Around The Drums (Joel Rothman Publications)£16.95Add to basket
Sock It To Me (Joel Rothman Publications)£3.75Add to basket
Son of the Mini Monster for Rock Drumming (Joel Rothman Publications)£16.95Add to basket
Splashdown: Hi-Hat Splashes for Rock Drumming (Joel Rothman Publications)£16.95Add to basket
Step One Play Rock Drums (Book & CD) (Amsco)£7.95Add to basket
Teaching Rhythm (drums) (Joel Rothman Publications)£15.95Add to basket
Top Of The Bops (Columbia Pictures)£2.95Add to basket
Two Measure Jazz Drum Solos Phrased In 3 (Joel Rothman Publications)£4.50Add to basket